Team Hardinger Leadership

Our team has an average of over 25 years of experience in their respective job function.  While some of our leadership team has decades of experience working for Hardinger, several of our team members are new to the team.  We feel our vast experience coupled with energy, creates a synergy of ideas and a high level of customer focus.       

Harold “H.” Bender

H. joined the Hardinger team in 2008 as General Manager, having returned to his hometown of Erie after career assignments in major cities across the US. As General Manager, he led a significant expansion of the company’s services and offerings, including the establishment of the Erie region’s first and largest Foreign Trade Zone, the creation of a brokerage transportation subsidiary, and a multi-million dollar investment in best-in-class infrastructure, equipment and technology. H. became part-owner of the company in 2012 and sole owner in December 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from Syracuse University.


William Schaal, Sr.
Bill began his transportation career in the United States Navy motor pool. Following his tour of duty, he joined the team at Herrmann Transportation where he gained experience in all facets of the business. In 1969, Bill and a partner purchased Hardinger Transfer Company, a one-truck operation. Over the decades he and his team steadily grew the business, adding warehousing operations in addition to more routes and services. Nearing age 90, Bill began a well-earned retirement at the end of 2015. He continues to serve Team Hardinger as an advisor and mentor.