Value added services Our mission is to be a partner in your supply chain to reduce your total cost of ownership, offering a wide variety of value added services. Our services include; export crating, blocking and bracing containerization, kitting, decanting and repacking, part inspection/quality assurance, part painting, and 60,000 lbs lifting capacity.

Returnable Containers, Sequencing and Kitting

  • We create a production ready product for assembly
  • Kitting
  • Sequencing to line
  • Utilizing a single point for dunnage removal enhances green practices by recycling 100% of cardboard associated with returnable containers.  
Paint and Wash Facilities

  • Fully DEP compliant paint booth, audited and air permitted
  • Capability to paint anything from small parts to large equipment with a capacity up to 60,000 lbs.
  • Forced cure system ensures the coating is properly and fully cured and the use of electrostatic guns assures consistent coverage and reduces waste.
  • Our interior wash bay is dedicated to prepping parts for assembly and eliminates road salt and debris from freight and trailer deck.


Export Crating and Packaging

  • We build high quality domestic, tropical and extreme crating, skids, blocking and bracing, customs stamping and marking to your requirements.
  • Customized packaging and crating for sea, land or air shipments.
  • Container blocking and bracing protect your items against vibration and shipping shock.
  • Minimize corrosion and other environmental hazards with vapor barrier packaging.