A fresh look for Team Hardinger

Team Hardinger Brokerage

A fresh look for Team Hardinger

If you’ve reached this page, no doubt you’ve noticed we have a new website with a fresh look.

It was time for an updated site. After all, we’re extremely proud of the industry-leading technology we use in our warehouses, trucks and offices. That technology allows us to reduce costs and enhance efficiencies for our clients. We wanted our website to reflect that technological innovation and sophistication.

We also — on behalf of our valued employees who work so hard every day — wanted to show off a little bit. After all, not every trucking, brokerage and warehousing service company can boast of a 99 percent on-time delivery rate and a 99.9 percent inventory accuracy rate. Our team’s pride in their work gives them the motivation to help our customers conduct business more cost-efficiently every day. This site gives us the ability to tell their stories.

In addition, our website is a portal for our customers. Through this site, you can track the exact, up-to-the-minute location of your product — whether it’s in transit or stored in one of our four warehouses. We are proud of this technology, which allows customers to know precisely where their products are and how much is available.

Our new website shows the pride we take in Team Hardinger. Take a few minutes to look around, and thank you for your interest in our company! Remember: Team Hardinger delivers for you.