FTZs established in 2012

For cost savings when importing goods for manufacturing or assembly, Team Hardinger delivers.

Team Hardinger’s Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) provide importers with several benefits, including:

Duty Deferral: Duty is not paid on imported goods or material until they leave the FTZ and enter domestic commerce.

Duty Exemption: Imported goods or material used in manufacturing and then exported are exempt from duty (U.S. Customs views them as never having entered domestic commerce).

Inverted Tariff: Imported goods or material typically have a different duty rate than a finished good and manufacturers pay the duty rate on whichever is lower.

Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF’s): In an FTZ, importing one container or 100 containers requires only one weekly entry – and thus a single charge – with U.S. Customs (Customs charges a fee to clear each ocean container for entry into the U.S. based on the value of the goods, not to exceed $485 per container).