Team Hardinger’s deep transportation roots

A truck used in transportation.

Team Hardinger’s deep transportation roots

Marvin and Adelbert Hardinger started a delivery transportation service in the late 1800s in Erie with a single horse and wagon.

For decades, the Hardinger Transfer Co. remained a small transportation operation — though the brothers eventually turned in their horse and buggy for a single truck. (Hardinger Transfer Co.’s tagline in a 1939 Erie phone book: “Piano Moving a Specialty.”)

Surely the brothers never envisioned their humble start would turn into the thriving company Team Hardinger is today with more than 130 employees, 60 semi tractor-trailers and nearly half a million square feet of warehouse space.

The serious growth started in 1969 when Bill Schaal Sr. purchased the company. That expansion continues today under the ownership of H. Bender, who became the sole owner of Team Hardinger in 2015 after seven years as the company’s general manager.

While Bill is no longer the owner, he is still an active and important part of the business. H., who has great respect for Bill’s business sense, is glad to have his continued friendship, insights and advice.

“Bill’s values, service, and commitment to customers made us an industry leader in Erie,” H. says. “Now our goal is to use that same standard of service to make us an industry leader in trucking, brokerage and warehousing nationwide. It’s an exciting time for our company.”

Team Hardinger has come a long way from the days of two brothers with a horse and buggy. But each of us honor Marvin and Adelbert Hardinger by embracing the same entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude that the brothers started the company with so long ago.