Team Hardinger’s use of ELDs Featured by Erie Media

Team Hardinger’s use of ELDs Featured by Erie Media

Team Hardinger, an industry leader in using electronic logging devices, was featured by local media in stories about recent regulatory changes. Team Hardinger has used ELDs since 2011.

“ELD technology allows our dispatchers to trace up-to-the-minute locations of our trucks, and also gives us the ability to track information like speeds and stops,” said Doug Ladds, Team Hardinger’s safety manager. “We review that information daily to find new efficiencies and incentivize drivers to meet safety goals.”

The payoff: Team Hardinger’s drivers reported zero reported liability losses during its 2016-17 policy year and is ranked in the top 7.8 percent of all U.S. carriers for safety.

“Our safety record is a number every member of our team is proud of, but are always striving to improve,” Ladds says. “We have found ELDs help us improve in those areas.”

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