Value-added services

Team Hardinger Warehousing

Value-added services

How Team Hardinger can make you more efficient

When a customer told us he was concerned about how his company would expand into the direct-to-customer market, Team Hardinger went to work coming up with ideas on how to ease the knot in his supply chain.

The solution: Team Hardinger built a multichannel e-fulfillment solution for the customer, utilizing Amazon and other web tools.

The results not only filled the customer’s immediate need, but also has resulted in his company growing in ways he didn’t expect.

That’s just one example of how Team Hardinger collaborates on a regular basis with customers to customize services and improve efficiencies.

Other value-added services Team Hardinger provides as part of its end-to-end solutions include:

  • Our team can sequence parts or assemble products at one of our warehouses, which, in turn, will improve your plant’s efficiency.
  • Crating and packaging. From shoebox-sized to the largest of goods, our crating team can build the right crate for your product to safely transport it wherever it needs to go.
  • Our team fills customer-specific requirements for retail labeling, whether that includes country of origin, branding, or proprietary bar codes. Our warehouse management system is retail label-compliant with the top 100 retailers in the world.
  • Our team can have your product ready for retail by taking care of details like building multi-SKU variety packs and preparing retail-ready displays.
  • Our DEP-compliant bay has the ability to paint anything from small parts to the largest of equipment, and even features a forced cure system that cuts drying time significantly.

These are just a few samples of the value-added services our team has developed to help our customers become more efficient. To see even more, visit our THxtras page.

Whether you’re an existing customer or a potential one, we would love to collaborate with you on how to find more efficiencies in your supply chain. Call us today to let us know your needs. Remember: Team Hardinger delivers for you.